Who Is AirHosting For?

If you’d like to short-let your property and achieve the highest potential income without worrying about the uncertainty of who will be staying in your home, or how you can manage the logistics of letting out your property yourself, then this is for you. You may be a landlord who wants to boost your rental income or a frequent traveller who’d like to make some extra money whilst you’re away. Air hosting suits any situation where the property owner would prefer to have a third-party managing their property. 

What do we do?

Here at Air hosting, we offer a comprehensive management service which includes pricing optimisation, calendar and booking management, guest vetting, guest check-in and communication, cleaning, and laundry services. We take care of it all!


What about the Bed Linen and Towels?

Don't worry about constantly having to provide fresh bed linen and towels. We take care of that too! We provide hotel standard fresh white linen and towels to your property before each guest stay. 

Do I need to provide things like loo rolls and shampoo?

We always try to help each guest have the most comfortable stay as possible. To do this, it’s worth having all the essentials. We can manage the supply and re-stocking of this, and for around £15 per month we can ensure your property is always ‘guest ready’ and on track for a 5 star review!

Do you clean the property in-between guests?

Yes! A fundamental part of the process is quality house-keeping. After each guest leaves, our cleaners clean the property, change the bedding and towels and re-stock the supplies so that your property has that ‘sparkle’ and ‘wow-factor’ in preparation for the arrival of your next guests. 

How much can I earn?

Typically 60%-100% more than a residential rental. We actively manage the occupancy and daily rates to ensure that we are bringing in the maximum revenue for you each and every month. In the main, short term renting out-performs standard rental (on a 12 month agreement) by nearly twice as much, but of course there are always a few more costs to factor in.

Will you prepare my Airbnb Listing?

Yes! We create ‘guest friendly’ and attractive listings including professional photographs and copy in order to optimise your listing, ensuring that it performs to its fullest potential.

Can I stay in the property myself?

Yes! Many of our clients will ‘Airbnb’ for a few months of the year and occupy the property themselves too, in fact this is a great way of operating as you are really maximising the income potential whilst making use of the property when you need it.

Can I leave?

Yes of course, we don’t tie you into a contract and we can hand the property back to you as and whenever you are ready.

Can I set my own house rules?

Absolutely! Just let us know, and we will include them in addition to our standard house rules. As a default, we do not allow guests to make excessive noise or smoke within your property.

How do I get started?

Just give us a call or email to arrange the appraisal and we can come to meet you, see your property and help get things up and running for you. It’s all pretty straight forward and we can help guide you through all of the steps.