Five things that will be sure to create a great impression for your guests when renting out your property via Airbnb

With so many properties to choose from on Airbnb, guests really are spoilt for choice, so how can you create a great impression which ensures that guests will return to your property over others in the future?

Here are five great ways to create a great impression to keep people coming back to your Airbnb Property again and again.

1) Offer Free Wi-Fi!

If you’ve looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs lately, it seems that “Wi-Fi” has replaced all of our physiological needs as the most basic necessity that we need to function.

Indeed, what’s the first question house guests now tend to ask when they enter your property? Well these days it’s very likely to be “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” especially if you are accommodating anyone under 30!

Joking aside, Wi-Fi features high up there on our list of needs nowadays. It’s especially vital if you will be renting your property out to people who are working, or guests visiting from overseas who want to be able to contact loved ones back home over the internet. In this case, Wi-Fi is an essential item and one which could bump up bookings if you offer the carrot of “free WIFI” in your property. You can even build the price of offering Free Wi-Fi into your property!

2) Create a charging Station for Guests

In this 21st century, it seems that none of us can cope without our phones or tablets, so why not dedicate a prominent socket to the ability for your guests to charge their phones. Perhaps offer an iPhone lead, an android lead and a charger which offers quick power charging. Your guests will thank you and you will endear yourself into their hearts for it.

3) Have an easy access Beverage Station

After Wi-Fi, Maslow demonstrates that our physiological needs are most important – Air, food, water, shelter, sleep and clothing. So, take a leaf out of any fancy hotel and what do you expect to find in the room? An easy-access Beverage Station! Especially if guests are arriving at night, tired, perhaps jet lagged or having been stuck in traffic, having to root through cupboards to find Cups, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Squash, Glasses, maybe even some biscuits is the last thing they want to do! So, make it easy for them! Have a tray with all of the essentials out in the side so that guests can help themselves.

4) Be prepared for all Weathers

Given the recent weather in the UK and how quickly it can change, your guests will thank you for ensuring that your property is set up for all weathers. Whilst in the UK we may not feel the need for built in Air Conditioning in hot weather, having fans available in different rooms to cool your guests down will be appreciated. Similarly, offering extra blankets and heaters in the winter will go down a treat during a cold snap.

5) Provide a Welcome Basket

Everyone loves a freebie, so why not provide a welcome basket which your guests will love you for!

You could offer something simple like bottled water and a few snacks, or for a special occasion you could push the boat out with wine or chocolates!

Why not go the extra mile and create a basket of essentials which people could help themselves to – spare toiletries, toothbrushes, etc. Maybe include a personalised note inviting guests to help themselves. Definitely guaranteed to earn you a few brownie points!

So, there are a few tips to help create an awesome experience for your guests. What are your tips to help guests have a fantastic experience and to help them leave great reviews or keep them coming back?

Here at Air Hosting we’d love to help you create an awesome experience for your guests by managing your property via Airbnb, so why not get in touch with us!

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