How to maximise the profits on your Rental Property through Air Hosting

Being a Landlord in today’s rental market can be stressful, especially with the current Housing Market being impacted by politics. Some of the things that Landlords report as causing them stress include:

  1. Tenants who pay their rent late
  2. Tenants who don’t follow the rules (for example having pets or making excessive noise)
  3. Having to manage third party contractors (cleaners, decorators, handymen etc)
  4. Having Tenants who are very demanding
  5. Managing complaints from external sources about Tenants

So, if you are currently a Landlord, or property investor, then it could be worth considering whether renting out your property via Airbnb would be more profitable than listing it on the traditional buy-to-let market.

As with a long-term rental, having a trusted Airbnb Management Company is so important to enable you to be able to make the most from hosting your property as it’s not something which will be successful without yourself or a company to manage the property.

From the very first phone call to enquire, our aim is to make the whole hosting process as seamless as possible for you. As well as offering a more profitable return on your rental, renting your property out on a short-term let also means that your property is then available for whenever you want to use it too!

We list your property for you, manage bookings and tend to your guest’s needs during their stay, being on hand 24/7 for any concerns they have, and then clean the property and liaise with you after their stay too.

Here at Air Hosting, we like to think that we do a great job for our clients, so it’s fantastic when they tell us that we’re doing a good job!

So how do we help our clients?

Natalie’s property was going to be empty for three months and she wanted to earn an income from the property whilst it stood unoccupied, so in her absence we managed the property for her and provided her with short-let tenants whilst she was away.

Here’s what Natalie had to say…

“Nick managed my property for me on Airbnb and did a great job. I’d never let my property in this way before and Nick took care of everything from start to finish. After three months I returned to my property and found that Nick’s team of housekeepers had maintained the property very well. Highly recommended. Thanks Nick”.

We also manage Dr Hassaan’s property for him, meaning that he can get on with his day job and doesn’t have to worry about taking calls from guests or dealing with anything.

We are so grateful for his fantastic review, “Nick and the whole team are professional, friendly and always go the extra mile. I am lucky to have them managing my property”.

We are experts in managing short-term lets locally and we’d love to help you maximise the potential of earning profits from your property on a short-term basis.

If you have any questions about renting out your property via Air Hosting then we’re always happy to chat! Give us a call on 0203 9590229 to find out how we could help you earn more money from your rental property.

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