How to prepare your home for Air Hosting Rental

Preparing your home or property for guests to stay in can be very different to ensuring that it is inhabitable for you, so here are some tips to help you prepare your home or property for rental through Air Hosting.

Who would I like to come and stay?

Probably one of the first questions to ask yourself, is who are the type of guests you would like to attract through Air Hosting? Are you looking for commuters who want a place to stay during the week? Are you hoping to attract a family who are wanting a short-term rental whilst having building work done? Are you looking for couples or families wanting a short stay break? Are you happy to have larger family groups, or groups such as Stag/Hens? Knowing this can help you to furnish your property well and market the property to the right people too.


Furnishing your home for Air Hosting may be very different to furnishing a home for yourself. If you are intending on using the furniture you have already, decide whether firstly, it is fit for purpose, and secondly, how precious you are about others using it and the wear-and-tear that comes with that.

If you intend to purchase furniture, consider the type of furniture which will be long-lasting, durable and is good for a rental. Your home also needs to look enticing, so going for low-budget furniture may not always be the best solution, although spending thousands on furniture which could not be well looked after, may not be a good idea either! Go for furniture which matches the look and feel you are trying to create, but which will also be functional and fit for purpose.


Whilst you may love having sultry red, or bright yellow walls, they may not be to everyone’s taste and so sometimes a fresh lick of paint in a soft or neutral colour can make all the difference to how easy you find it to rent your property for Air Hosting. Of course, you may also want to use bright colours to help your property stand out to your audience, but a bad paint job could prevent your property from being Air Hosting worthy, as could damaged or stained flooring, so spending a bit of time correcting this before rental could make all the difference.


Before having guests to stay, depersonalisation is a must. Guests will often want to feel like they are staying in a property which is homely but not cluttered, rather than in a property full of someone else’s things and with no room to unpack their own things, so ensuring that cupboards and drawers have space and are free from clutter is a must, as is removing any personal items which you want to keep track of. Renting storage for personal belongings and any valuable items can be helpful for storing items long term.

Consider the small details:

Small things like arranging for fresh milk and bread on arrival for your guests can make all the difference to your guests experience and to reviews of your property, which future guests will rely on. Other helpful things for guests may be a file with information in such as how to use the appliances in your home, or who to contact in an emergency if the need arises. You could also include information on local amenities such as the nearest transport links, the best takeaways/restaurants close to your property or any notable tourist attractions.

Who will manage your property?

Dealing with an influx of visitors in your property can sometimes almost become a full-time job! It’s helpful to decide whether you would like to manage your property for yourself, or whether you are going to have a management company look after the property for you. Managing yourself means that you will always have to arrange for someone to be at the property to meet and greet guests, and will have to be on hand for any eventualities which occur.

The “managed” Air Hosting option gives you the security of knowing that everything is being taken care of, even down to managing cleaners after a stay and turning the property around for your next set of guests, leaving you to sit back and let your property earn an income for you. People may worry about the added cost of this, but this cost can easily be absorbed into the price your guests will pay.

We’re always happy to talk thorough how to prepare your home for rental through Air Hosting, so for any questions on how our Air Hosting scheme works, please do get in touch on 0203 959 0229 or email us on for more info

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