Six Tips to Guarantee Great Reviews from your Airbnb Guests.

It’s the holy grail and an important part of the Airbnb stay for any Airbnb Host… the review!

Getting great reviews from your Airbnb guests builds credibility and means that other guests are more likely to book with you, so here are some tips to help encourage your guests to leave you a great review after their stay.

Transparency is Key

It’s helpful to ensure that you list your Airbnb property as realistically as possible and try to be transparent about the space available. Don’t over exaggerate the amount of space that your property offers, the amount of people it can comfortably accommodate or the types of groups your property would suit. We’ve seen properties listed as “Sleeps Six” which are one bedroom with three bunk beds, or one bedroom and two sofa beds, which may work for some groups, but not others. This could lead to negative reviews if the space isn’t what the group was expecting or required for their stay. It’s best to be realistic and to market your property towards the amount of people and the kinds of groups (families/couples/friends etc) who you feel that your property would work for.

Keep your Property in Good Repair

With any property, it’s inevitable that repairs may arise from time to time and things will go wrong. It’s helpful however to keep your property in good order and ensure that repairs, upgrades and checks are undertaken regularly so that your Airbnb let is always in the best condition possible for your guests, and they are guaranteed a property to stay in where everything is in good working order.

No-one wants to stay in accommodation which needs upgrading, or where repairs need to be urgently undertaken, as this suggests to your guests that you don’t care about providing the best possible experience for their stay, and you are offering a sub-standard property but still happily accepting their money. People are very quick to complain and leave negative reviews when a property doesn’t live up to their expectations, and so staying in a run-down property where things don’t work is more likely to attract bad reviews, than a property where everything is in great decorative and working order. 

Consider the Furnishings

It’s important for your guests to feel comfortable as quickly as possible once they arrive and one of the best ways to do this, is to ensure that your property is furnished with everything your guests may possibly require for a great stay. Furnishing your property with the essentials like enough chairs, kitchenware and tableware, sheets, blankets etc and even those small things it’s easy to forget like a tin opener and bottle opener will mean that your guests are able to access everything they need during their stay and will hopefully leave you a glowing review at the end of it!

Include a Care Package and other Information

If you want to go the extra mile for your guests, then including a simple care package on arrival can really help your guests to feel welcome and valued. Basics such as Tea, Coffee, Milk, Sugar, Bread, a nice cake or some chocolates will most likely be appreciated and remembered by your guests. Perhaps also consider creating an information pack on where to find things in the property and a local guide with information on the nearest takeaways, amenities and attractions to help your guests have a fantastic stay and feel like you have thought of everything!

In Case of Emergency

Staying in an unfamiliar property can be quite daunting for people, so knowing how to get in touch with you or a representative if something goes wrong is really important for your guests and also gives them the peace of mind that there is someone to help them during the stay if needed.

Sending your guests a message during their stay to see how their stay is going, and checking in at various points, could also help to win you brownie points and a great review after the stay too.

Use an Airbnb Management Company to manage your property

Running an Airbnb property can soon become a full-time job, and so trying to manage the property around an actual full-time job, family commitments, hobbies and life can be tricky. You may not always be able to drop everything and assist your guests in the time frame that they need – could you leave work in the middle of the day to help them for example?

Using an Airbnb management company like Air Hosting means that we are there 24/7 to deal with your guest’s needs and any issues that arise, giving you the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, and your guests the peace of mind that there is someone always on hand to help them.

This leads to better service and a great experience for your guests and hopefully more income and better reviews for you – it’s a win-win!

If you would like find out more about how Airbnb could work for you, and how we help Airbnb Landlords manage their properties, then give us a call and let’s chat on 0203 9590229!

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