Tips to Airbnb Student Accommodation outside term time.

September is traditionally the month of the year where University Students fly the nest and head off to far flung towns and cities around the UK and further afield, to start higher education courses which will hopefully help set them on their chosen career path.

Leaving home and going to Uni is a real milestone moment for most students in the UK as it’s the start of a brand new life outside of the family home and normally away from the area where they have grown up, where they will make new friends, face new experiences, and indulge in their first taste of Independent living.

Of course, going away to Uni, always brings the question of finding accommodation. Perhaps students are planning on living in Halls for the first year, or perhaps they are planning on sharing with other students. In any case, if they are studying, they are going to need somewhere to live, and this can bring with it, a whole host of new complications.

Some parents may wish their child to avoid the wary tales of unscrupulous landlords and unsuitable living conditions by purchasing property for their child which ensures that they will always have a roof over their head in their university town or city when they want it. Indeed, some areas of the UK could prove to be very fruitful investments for kind hearted parents turned would-be property investors, especially in a place with an active student population and plenty of willing tenants.

Take Terry and Jill for example… they were excited when their son Josh was accepted to read English at University in a city which was around a three-hour drive from home. Having looked at possible accommodation for him, they decided to invest in a property in the city to give Josh a permanent place to live. 

This had benefits for them as a family, as they got to choose the area where Josh was going to live, and they were also able to help interview potential room-mates. This gave them the peace of mind of knowing that Josh was living somewhere safe during term-time, where he was happy and with room-mates who he got on with.

So what’s all this got to do with Airbnb?

Well of course, your university students won’t be needing to be using the property year round, as an average university term only lasts between 30-33 weeks a year, which leaves 4-5 months of the year when the property will be vacant and an income could be made on those weeks when it’s not being used as University quarters.

It can be hard to find someone to rent the property for short periods of time, whilst your student is home from Uni, so the Airbnb model of renting lends itself perfectly to properties which students occupy during term-time, as you can specify that you only want bookings during non-term times.

Unless you are living in the same location as your property, it can be tricky to manage this process for yourself. This is where a property management agency comes in. Through Air Hosting you can put your property to good use during vacant periods, have it managed for you so that you don’t have to worry about being the hassle of running the property, and then simply collect the income at the end of it.

We can also manage the property for you once your student has completed their studies and their university days are just a distant memory.

If you haven’t yet purchased a property, then at Air Hosting, we are always also happy to advise on the suitability or location, in order for you to make the best return on your investment. 

Why not get in touch with us on 0203 9590229 and let us take the hassle out of managing your property via Airbnb.

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