When Airbnb Rental goes wrong….

Imagine the scene, you’ve had a long hard day at work, it’s not been the best day in the world… You had a late night the night before, and your clients all seem to have called on the same day with difficult queries.

You finally arrive home after getting stuck in horrendous traffic and all you want to do is tuck into a delicious dinner, before settling down for the evening with a box set and a glass of wine to forget the troubles of the day.

You change into your nice comfy clothes, cook yourself some food, and finally sit down to eat. Twenty minutes later, you’ve consumed a plateful of delicious pasta and a glass of finest Rioja and you settle down in front of the TV, ready to Netflix away, whilst mentally contemplating in your head the workload for tomorrow.

Two hours later, you are sat half asleep in front of the TV, when suddenly the phone rings! Reaching for the phone, you realise that it says 11 pm! Who on earth could be calling you at this time?

You answer the phone, and a frantic voice begins to shout “Help! there is water running through the ceiling and we don’t know what to do!”.

Taking a moment to compose yourself, you suddenly realise that it’s your Airbnb visitors in your rental property calling. They only arrived last night (another late night as the plane was delayed and you ended up waiting in the property for them to arrive until almost midnight barely making it to work on time this morning).

“Okay, okay… I’ll be there as soon as I can” you say, as you begrudgingly throw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and grab your car keys. It’s about a thirty-minute drive to your rental property, and as you make your way there, you are trying to figure out what could possibly have happened for there to be water pouring through the ceiling! 

Thirty minutes later, you arrive at the property. As you exit the car, you realise that your phone battery is starting to run down, and you forgot the charger as you rushed out the door in a hurry.

Your guests are looking worried, and are slightly drenched after trying to use buckets and bowls to catch the pouring water through the ceiling in the kitchen. Your priority now is to find out where the water is coming from and turn it off as soon as possible. You clearly need help, but who are you going to call for help at this time of night?

You fish out your phone and Google an Emergency Plumber. You start phoning the first number you see, at the same time moving around your rental property, trying to move anything out of the way which could possibly be ruined in the running water.

This number is not answering, so you move onto the next number. Your battery life is slowly draining down with each call that you make. You go through five phone numbers before an actual person answers the phone. Hurriedly explaining the situation, you say that you don’t care how much it costs, you just need someone there as soon as possible. They agree to send an emergency plumber, whilst also guiding you on how to turn off the water in your property.

You manage to get the water turned off, and send your guests off to the local all-night Café on you to wait until hopefully this is sorted. The plumber finally arrives about an hour later, tears down the ceiling and announces that the water is due to a burst water pipe above – something which you could never have predicted happening.

Unfortunately, the plumber also declares that it’s not possible for anyone to stay in the house until it’s fixed. By now it’s around 1:30 am. What are you going to tell your guests?? Where are they going to stay?? Calling your guests to come back to the house, you profusely apologise for this unfortunate incident. They aren’t happy, but thankfully they are very understanding, that this is due to circumstances beyond your control.

However, your guests still need somewhere to stay for the night, and it’s up to you to help them sort it out! You end up driving your guests to a local hotel and booking them in for the night before driving home yourself. You decide to deal with the issues at the rental property tomorrow. For now, all you want to do is sleep! Who would be an Airbnb Host?

The next day at work, through waves of tiredness and unbelievably strong coffee, you regale your work colleague with the tales of last night‘s drama.

Knowing that they also own a rental property and will be able to empathise with your situation, you ask them if they have ever had a similar experience, to which they chuckle and let you into a little secret…. they don’t manage their property… they’ve got a great property management company called Aubrey and Finn which does it for them. They deal with the bookings, welcoming the clients, any issues during the stay and with arrangements afterwards. Any emergencies like this are dealt with for them whilst they sleep soundly in their beds. Cursing yourself for not having thought of such a simple idea, you ask for the number and call us at Air Hosting!

At Air Hosting, we are here to deal with any issues when things go wrong with your property during the stay. We also have a list of trusted suppliers we can call if there’s an emergency at your property. So much easier than you having to come out in the middle of the night!

If you are looking to rent out your property through Airbnb, but you don’t want the hassle of having to manage it yourself, then why not contact us, give us a call, or pop into the office to find out more about our Airbnb property management service.

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